From March 1987 till August 1992 I was on the air as Y25WJ, QTH Gera

At the first QSO on 29.03. 1987 I worked with H24LP, 40m · SSB · QRP/5W
Gera, German Democratic Republic

Gera, 189 meters a.s.l.
Y2KK J05
RIG: 100% Home made
9 Band QRP/5W
PA 100...200W
Cage Vertical, HF Discone
Seventeen years after when I started with my first club callsign, finaly I got a individual class callsign wich privilegeds to have an own RIG at home.
Image: Home made 9 Band Transceiver
Home made 9 Band Transceiver
CW/SSB · QRP/5 Watts

Home made Linear
4 Watts Input, 100 ... 200 Watts Output
Image: Home made Linear

Image: Home made Antenna Tuner Antenna Tuner
Image: QRP Letter Animation
Another QRP Transceiver
2 Watts on 12m and 80m
Image: QRP Transceiver 12m/80m · 2 Watts

I use my HF Discone from 18MHz up to 28MHz

The Discone has its best low radiation only in a "small" frequency ratio, 1:1,3 from its bottom frequency. The bandwidth in SWR is very big 1:3 and more from its bottom frequency.

But we make DX by a low radiation not by a good SWR.
In thousands of QSOs on 17m, 15m, and 12m with the Discone I maked always the same experience - all the reports I received were only one or sometimes two S-units lower than the reports for stations with a 3 element beam. With the dimensions for 18 MHz bottom frequency the Discone lost radiation energy under flat angles on 10m. Mostly to see just when the band opens or closes.
some more awrds...

With the political changes in the GDR came a lot of questions. Also about HAM Radio, about the further prefix - Y2 or DL or the old DM prefix ... ?
Last QSO as Y25WJ: 11. Aug. 1992 with D2FGC 20m · CW