|||||||||||||||| HF Exponential Cage Antenna ||||||||||||||||

Image: Cage vertical - structure
Wire skelleton structure with 8 vertical wires.

Image: Cage vertical - dimensions
Dimensions for a bandwith
starting from 7MHz

Image: Cage vertical - cabel connection
Standard scheme for cabel connection to the wires and metal center mast.

For 80m and 160m I use this vertical with a ground loading coil.
Image: 80m and 160m ground loading coil
7 MHz - Dimensions, only the center mast is from fibre glass.

Image: 12m x 50m wire net
Each single pole aerial lives only by its mirroring ground.

The substitution on the flat roof is my 12m x 50m wire net.

Image: Vertical radiation pattern
Vertical radiation pattern
in ratio of antenna height
to working frequency.