My very first callsign which I held from June 1970 till May 1977 was DM3USN

QSO number one: 1. June 1970, OP Klaus DM3XI, 80m · AM · QRP/10W
DM3SN was the clubstation of the secondary technical school from the Soviet German Incorporated Company SDAG Wismut at their Saxonian Mining Area.

QTH: Schlema near Aue
DM-KK: N17
RIG: 10RT, 10 Watts, AM/CW
ANT: Windom, 10m abt ground

The RIG we used, was an old russian military station "10RT" with some modifications to bring it on the 80 m band. Super original quality !
Image: Windom Antenna
Image: TRX 10RT

We played around on 80m, our only band, mostly AM. But one fine day I heard a CW CQ call from the other side of the Atlantic down in QRM. It was in November 27th. 1970 very early in the morning hours. I maked my first DX QSO on 80 m with Roger, W4SYL from Virginia. It was great. From now on, DXing was my favourite. Also I had a big pleasure in hunting awards.

Last QSO as DM3USN: 16. May 1977 with Adam, SP5ZHV, 80m · CW · QRP/5W